Membership Rules & Regulations

The Application – All applications shall be submitted to the Chairman of the Membership Committee on a nationally-approved NOMADS application form. Information contained shall be correct and a photo must be enclosed.

Sponsorship – The application must carry the recommendation of one Regular member of the Chapter, of which is not employed by the same company as the applicant.
The sponsor should personally know the applicant and the company he works for and be sure that the applicant qualifies for membership under the NOMADS Constitution. It is the sponsor’s duty to acquaint each applicant with as much information concerning NOMADS as possible. It is also the sponsor’s responsibility to pay all dinner charges of the applicant (unless the applicant and sponsors make alternate arrangements with the Executive Secretary).

Approval – Chapter By-Laws determine the process by which the application is approved. Once the application has been certified by the Executive Secretary, it is passed to the Executive Committee for approval.

Attendance Requirements – Following approval by the Executive Committee, the applicant is required to attend and be recognized at one regular dinner meetings before being placed on a ballot for election to membership. The applicant has one year from the date of Executive Committee approval to complete this process. Credit for attendance at one of these regular meetings can be obtained if the prospective member was on a verifiable international business trip on a regular meeting date. Credit may also be obtained by attending one of the various special events held during the year, however, attendance of at least one regular meeting is required.

The Ballot – At least two ballots are published each year. The first is held in June and the next in October, just before the annual induction meeting.

Induction – Induction ceremonies are scheduled each November. A short seminar is held before the induction meeting covering the Constitution, Chapter By-Laws and history of NOMADS. If a member is unable to attend the induction, he is still considered a member in good standing and is invited to undergo the induction ceremony the following November.

Dues and Collections – Initiation Fee-Houston Chapter By-Laws specify that new members shall be charged a $75 initiation fee to cover costs of the lapel insignia and Certificate of Membership.

Chapter Dues-Chapter dues are $35 per year for all Regular and Retired members. Dues for Non-Resident Members are $60 per year.

Dinner Assessments – All Regular Resident members are charged $90 quarterly in advance as a meeting assessment.  All retirees are charged $30 for meals at meetings they attend. Non-residents are charged $38/dinner.

Member Guests – Members are billed for guests they bring to meetings

International Guests – International guests are hosted by the Chapter

Special Events – Each year the following events are scheduled:

Kickoff Celebration – February

OTC International Cocktail Party (May)

Annual Golf Tournament (October)

Charges for these events will vary and will be announced in advance along with other essential information.

Collections– The Executive Secretary is responsible for  maintaining the accounts for each member and for issuing quarterly statements. Statements are due upon receipt and, according to the By-Laws, an account is delinquent if it remains unpaid after 90 days. The executive Secretary will notify the member of this delinquency, and if payment is not received in full within 30 days, his membership will be revoked.

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