Our Association

  • “It is the duty of all good NOMADS. and there must be no other kind… to create good will among oil equipment manufacturers, oil companies and Foreign Governments…”
  • In 1938, the term ‘networking’ for the oilfield salesman had not been coined, but a pioneer drilling equipment inventor named Elmer Decker recognized the need for it. Sales trips by U.S. oilfield equipment representatives- including Decker- to other countries were becoming necessary. Few oilfield equipment salespeople knew what to expect outside the U.S. when it came to transportation, lodging and food. Even fewer were around to advise the novice.
  • Consequently, Decker and a few co-founders in the petroleum industry conceived the idea of NOMADS. It was an oil and gas association in which those who had been overseas could share their knowledge and business experiences with others. A second objective would be to assist oil industry visitors from other countries when they came to the U.S.
  • The first chapter was born that year in Los Angeles, and the NOMADS name was selected since the founders felt that it was descriptive of the lifestyle of the international drilling equipment salesman. The expanded title, National Oil-Equipment Manufacturers and Delegates Society, was adopted later to fit the original acronym.
  • NOMADS is an energy industry association with headquarters in the energy industry capital of the US: Houston, Texas. The society is dedicated to helping petroleum engineers, drilling equipment salespeople, and others in the international oilfield sales and marketing sectors. As one of the oldest petroleum societies in the United States, NOMADS has been helping oil and gas professionals network for jobs in energy, continue their education in the international oil and gas market, and build camaraderie with other petroleum sales professionals for over 80 years.
  • NOMADS works with other major oil and gas associations and petroleum societies in the Houston area to disseminate knowledge about the international oilfield, to help those seeking jobs in the energy industry, and to foster friendships for energy professional found across a range of disciplines in the international oil and gas industries. NOMADS holds monthly petroleum society meetings in Houston, Texas. Our members help each other find jobs in the energy industry, opportunities in the international energy industry, and share ideas on the current status of the global oil and gas markets.
  • As a petroleum society dedicated to international oilfield marketing, NOMADS members are energy professionals whose companies are among the largest drilling equipment manufacturers, oilfield service companies, and international oil exploration corporations. Also found among our ranks are energy professionals representing mid-sized oil and gas companies as well as individual oil and gas consultants.
  • The founders suggested to friends and business acquaintances in the petroleum industry in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Tulsa/Oklahoma City and New York that they start chapters. During the fall of 1939, Houston became the site of the second NOMADS chapter after a small group of distinguished petroleum engineers and drilling equipment salesmen visited with Decker at an oil and gas conference there. What began over 60 years ago as a drilling equipment networking group has grown into a dynamic international oilfield marketing organization of over 1000 businessmen in the energy industry who have become recognized as ambassadors of good will, not only for their own oil and gas industry, but for their country as well.

Contact Information:

NOMADS | 1585 W Sam Houston Pkwy N, Suite 200 | Houston, TX 77043

Phone: 713-464-1832 | Fax: 713-464-6319

Any other questions? Email us.

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