Click HERE to Join NOMADS! We’d love to have you as a part of our exclusive society of Oil & Gas Industry professionals!

We meet regularly to exchange ideas, socialize and make important decisions affecting our association. We hope that you will come by sometime and join us in an animated discussion among fellow professionals!

Please review our calendar for upcoming events!

Members possess the exclusive voting and property rights of the chapter. Some principal requirements for membership in this petroleum club are:

  • Employment by a manufacturer or distributor of U.S. made oil field equipment and/or oil field services, or an oil trade publication having its principal office in the United States, who has made foreign business trips in the interest of said employer; or
  • International petroleum consultants in the field of drilling, producing, refining and pipeline of oil and gas; or
  • An agent for U.S. manufacturers of drilling equipment who resides abroad and who does not also represent a foreign manufacturer.

Please note that these qualifications have been simplified, and should any questions arise, the NOMADS Constitution should be consulted.

NOMADS is proud to be one of the oldest associations in the petroleum industry in Houston and in the United States.

Membership Application

Any other questions? Email us!

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