Our next NOMADS meeting will be August 10th.

Our June meeting featured Guest Speaker:

Assaad Mohanna, NOV

Assaad Mohanna is Director of Business Strategy at NOV, where his focus is energy additions, technology integration, and business innovation. Prior to that Assaad took various operational roles in drilling and intervention with NOV in Dubai, Edmonton, and Dammam, before relocating to Houston in 2014.

He has been leading the energy transition conversation at NOV and supports the businesses explore their full potential in this space. In addition to that he is also host of the NOV podcast “Insight Out”, a weekly live show about leadership and business, featuring guests from energy and technology companies, from across industries and disciplines.

Assaad is a licensed Professional Engineer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the American University of Beirut. He is also a graduate of the Purdue University Advanced Leadership program, an MBA from Rice University, and a leadership coach in training. He also serves as Chair of the IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee, and on SPE’s Drilling Advisory Panel.

NOMADS works with other major oil and gas associations and petroleum societies in the Houston area to disseminate knowledge about the international oilfield, to help those seeking jobs in the Energy Industry, and to foster friendships for energy professionals found across a range of disciplines in the international Oil and Gas Industries.
NOMADS holds monthly petroleum society meetings in Houston, Texas. Our members help each other find jobs in the energy industry, opportunities in the international energy industry, and share ideas on the current status of the global oil and gas markets.
If you are an oil and gas professional in the energy industry who is seeking membership in a petroleum society, please contact us or stop by our next oil and gas association meeting in Houston.
We hope to have a representative from your company or project at our next NOMADS event.
Any other questions? Email us!



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