Good Luck and Thank You for Applying!

Just a reminder: In order for your application to be considered, you must complete the following:

1. Please mail your official transcript of high school or college record to the address below.

2. Please provide letters of recommendation:

  • For High School Student: High School Counselor and High School Teacher or Principal
    For College Student: College professor/dean and Extracurricular activity leader

You can do this by having them email the letter OR by snail mail to address below OR by sending them this link to fill out online. (In case it doesn’t come up in a new pop up window, please cut and paste:

Chairman of Scholarship Committee
1746-16 Cloister
Crosby, TX 77532

Thank you for applying for the NOMADS Scholarship and GOOD LUCK to you!  We look forward to reviewing your application and potentially awarding you a scholarship, stay tuned!

Any scholarship awarded by the Houston Chapter of NOMADS is contingent upon the recipient’s official registration at an accredited university or college.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Should you be awarded the scholarship, we will be meeting you at the HESS Club. We arrive around 5:30 for Cocktail Hour, and our Speakers generally start around 6-6:15. Feel free to join us for our Industry Networking Session prior to our speaker! Details to follow for those awarded.

5430 Westheimer Rd
Houston TX 77056