Nominee for Sgt. at Arms Election

2020 Sgt. at Arms Officer up for Election and their Bio is presented below.

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Tom_Photo (005)Tom Shrader– Rig Lynx LLC

Tom Shrader has been dealing with Watermakers and other fluid handling packages for the Offshore Oil Industry for the majority of his life. He has held multiple positions in several organizations. From his days fitting pipe to now he has a well-rounded training that allows him to be a very effective in sales.

After getting out of the Army and while attending the University of Houston he started working at Specific Equipment by learning the business by first starting in the shop as a pipe fitter and working his way up to Outside Sales selling RO Watermakers, Potable Water Pressure Sets, Helicopter Refueling Systems and Diesel Fuel Filters. There he also started to pursue his passion for technology by building Specific Equipment’s website in straight HTML code, learning how best to improve the company’s search engine placement and also being the company “IT Guy”.

In 2004 Tom went to work in Outside Sales at Hahn Equipment. He learned about mud agitators and he received some of the strongest pump training of his life.  He continued to call on the Offshore Drilling Industry and there he also started providing pumps and agitators to refineries throughout the Golden Triangle.  This was where he was first introduced to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software.

In 2007 he returned to Specific Equipment as the Sales Manager. He helped improve the company’s position in the marketplace by continuing to provide robust Offshore Duty Systems and Hands-On Service to the Offshore Oil Industry.  This is also the time Tom was first introduced to LinkedIn and other Social Media Platforms.

After 3 years Specific Equipment sold out to Aqua-Chem where Tom continued his work of supplying RO Watermakers and other fluid handling packages to the Offshore Industry but now as part of a much larger team with a larger world presence.  This is where Tom also continued to increase his knowledge of CRM Systems by becoming the “Super User” for both ZOHO and then SalesForce.

5-1/2 years later Tom joined the Sales Team at Alfa Laval. He continued his work in Watermakers by helping redesign Alfa Laval’s RO Watermaker. He also started selling Centrifuges, High Speed Separators, Mud Handling and Heat Exchangers.

After working in Sales at Alfa Laval he moved over to their Wastewater Group. He worked as a Project Manager learning the Wastewater Industry component by component and system by system. During this time Tom spent a lot of his free time taking online training to improve his knowledge of Social Media and how best to use it.  This is also where Tom became the Super User for the Project Portfolio Management Software.

Tom went back into Sales by working at US Watermaker supplying ROs and other fluid handling packages to the Marine and Offshore Drilling Industry. He also built and maintained several of US Watermaker’s social media sites.

In October of 2018 while browsing on LinkedIn he discovered this new search engine and app called “Rig Lynx”.  He contacted Greg Williams to invite him to come and speak at a NOMADS (National Oil Equipment Manufacturers and Delegates Society) meeting and the rest is history.

Rig Lynx is the largest oil and gas community on iOS and Android mobile devices and offers users professional networking opportunities through chat, messaging, and online services. While other apps and websites offer professional networking and job search services, Rig Lynx differentiates itself with its exclusive focus on the oil and gas sector. The app is available for free on iOS and Android mobile devices.

When Tom is not working, he enjoys hunting, fishing, spending time with his family and doing volunteer work.